“Noor” or نور‎ = “light” in Arabic.

At 25 years old, Noor Tagouri has emerged as a prominent Muslim-American woman, blazing a trail across mainstream media.  She is a force like no other. Since launching her viral #LetNoorShine campaign in 2012, Tagouri has built a socially-aware and engaged community of over one million social media followers. At the same time, she’s garnered international praise as one of new media’s most influential voices. With a finger on the pulse of people’s concerns, her storytelling is recognized for her innovative approach to fostering relationships across lines of difference. Like the heroes of New Journalism, Noor Tagouri is leading a new age of reporting that recognizes the personal is always political.

An accomplished journalist, Noor has fused modes of intimate storytelling with a commitment to combat normative stereotypes. Her dedication to seek out our common humanity beyond our social expectations makes for provocative and compelling journalism. In 2017 Noor released her first series with Scripps on Hulu called “A Woman’s Job,” highlighting badass women in male-dominated careers. In 2018 Noor released her documentary series “Sold in America,” investigating the sex trade in the U.S., with a Sold In America podcast spinoff climbing to #8 on Apple’s Podcast Charts, amassing over 2 million downloads. Noor also partnered with Tumi and Girlboss to create “In Progress: An Imperfect Journey, Navigated”, a 2018 podcast based on her annual speaking tour. 

Speaking to audiences about her many ventures, those professional and personal, social and political, has resulted in Noor Tagouri’s massive success as an in-demand keynote speaker. Since 2012, Noor has toured internationally at hundreds of venues, sharing her positivity as she distributes tools her audiences can use to breakdown barriers and change their lives. Noor has featured at SXSW, TEDx, Create & Cultivate, and New York Fashion Week. Noor’s influence can be summed-up in two words: innovative storytelling. But her effect is impossible to quantify. 

From viral stories, to global speaking tours, to releasing her own line of fashion, Noor is raising the bar every step of the way. Calvin Klein, GAP, Herbal Essences and Reebok are a few of the many brands looking to Noor to bring the human side back to marketing. Noor’s consistency, transparency, and philanthropy have given her a platform with hundreds of thousands of loyal supporters trusting her to tell the story right. Noor Tagouri is, quite literally, changing the face of journalism– one story at a time.


“As a badass activist with a passion for demanding change and asking the right questions, accompanied by beauty-ad-campaign looks, Tagouri forces us to ask ourselves why we have such a hard time wrapping our minds around a young woman who consciously covers her head and won’t take no for an answer.”

Anna del Gaizo, Playboy Magazine

“Throughout Sold in America, the host, Noor Tagouri, hovers over the unsolvable puzzle of human trafficking as if it were a Rubik’s Cube. She asks listeners to leave their preconceived notions behind and stick with her as she explains how, despite her reporting on the sex trade for many years, what she thought she would understand by making this podcast changed again and again along the way . . . Sold in America doesn’t conclude with answers. But sometimes, the best way to get people talking about something as stigmatized as the sex trade is to simply get it all on the table. Sold in America does just that.”

Laura Jane Standley, The Atlantic, “The 50 Best Podcasts of 2018”

“Whether on stage, via podcasts, fashion, or television, 25-year-old Libyan-American journalist and public speaker Noor Tagouri is shifting perceptions. Her grassroots reporting is inciting conversations about marginalized communities one shell-shocking story at a time.”

– Caterina Minthe, Vogue Arabia